small vented gas fireplace

By using outside air for combustion this direct vent gas insert maintains air quality while producing an ample amount of high-efficiency convective and radiant heat for small spaces. Their high efficiency means they create almost no byproduct during operation. How can I stop the hot humid air from coming down the vent? There are currently several small propane fireplace heaters on the market. Easier to install than vented wood or gas fireplaces and capable of warming small rooms, gas fireplaces that have no vents passing to the exterior are becoming more popular for remodeling work and even in new -construction homes. Ideal for smaller wood-burning fireplaces or where reduced gas usage is desirable. The freight company is no longer liable for the shipment after you sign. Our gas coal baskets are also great options for small fireplaces and are compatible with both natural gas and liquid propane. A coal fireplace can be converted into a gas fireplace is possible. This is convenient, but there are some limitations to consider. When compared to your wooden fireplaces, these are a lot cheaper. Commencing on January 1, 2015, new legislation went into effect that requires all glass fronted hearth appliances that exceed a 172 degree glass surface temperature to have a safety barrier screen as a standard feature. You can find options with fluted or corrugated metal. Direct vent fireplaces are a great option if you are looking for a low maintenance gas fireplace that can be installed almost anywhere. A romantic and practical addition to a corner space, a natural gas corner fireplace gives a homey charm to any room. Which units do not need any batteries for remotes used as receivers for the fireplace? This fireplace is designed to be vented directly through the wall or roof. Since installation includes a dual 3" chimney lining system (included in the price on our models), it doesn't matter if your old coal fireplace chimney is lined or not. This is fine for … needs to be vented to the outside; not ideal for use in large spaces; This fireplace from Napoleon has a beautiful design with a large window in the front to see the realistic flames and logs. This is quite a contrast from b-vent gas fireplaces, which only vent vertically with less efficiency. My Martin 4500 vented gas propane fireplace wouldn't start up using the ignitor and I finally got it to light up with a torch. After all, some of the heat is absorbed by the chassis of the fireplace or lost before it gets to the room. Simple yet good-looking style for a low-profile, small gas-operated fireplace with a front fitted with a metal fence. While this setup is popular for the large flames and aesthetic, they are also the least efficient. With the variety of high-quality, decorative options we have available, you are sure to find the right fit. I can help you design the best venting option for the unit and your needs for you. Very basic models may only offer manual control at the fireplace. When it comes to making a stunning impact in your fireplace, these gas logs are anything but small! CONTACT US. A lot of the framing and finishing of the unit can be done by a DIYer with good wood working and hand tool skills. Unlike b-vent models that must vent vertically, you have more freedom with direct vent models. They feature a firebox sealed with tempered or ceramic glass and use a dual-purpose vent that both vents exhaust to and pulls combustion air from the outdoors. Vent-free models are almost perfectly efficient, but have limited BTU outputs. No more buying or chopping wood, keeping it safely stored, or messy chimney cleanup. Some manufacturers also offer a pressurized vent system. The Empire Loft DVL33 has a modern style with the shape of a traditional model. Trendy open concept concrete floor living room photo in Sacramento with a ribbon fireplaceContemporary fireplace & hearth - june_kerby, Rob Kaufman PhotographyTransitional living room photo in Charleston with a brick fireplaceFamily Room: whitewashed brick; white mantel & trim; black metal coffee table & wood top; wall is painted panel; ceiling painted with white ceiling beams (little darker than wall paint); sofa fabric and prints are beautiful; side chair is soft blue with brown piped trim; window treatment is lovely; siesel flooring add nice texture - rebeccacollinshunter, This is an original historic mirror which was re-framed and integrated with the custom designed painted wood surround and mantel of the new gas fireplace. We offer both steel and cast iron gas stoves in a multitude of different styles. Freestanding gas fireplaces or freestanding gas stoves are a low-maintenance, energy-efficient way to heat your home. You can even control interior lighting or program these features on a set schedule. But, each installation follows specific guidelines. These models tend to favor the use of fire glass, ceramic stones, fire art (metal matrices, coils, cannonballs, etc. Direct vent fireplaces use a coaxial vent system, which features a small pipe within a larger pipe. Most ventless gas fireplaces range from $400 to $2,000 in price. Lastly, inspect the valve compartment of the unit and vacuum away any spider webs, dust, or pet dander that may have accumulated in this area. If you're looking for the appearance of a wood-burning fire, you'll be drawn to traditional styles such as the Superior DRT2000 series. Pictofocus Fire. This makes it more suitable for installation in a smaller space. They draw in the air from the room to burn. Pictofocus Fire. 4,000. Yes, a direct vent fireplace can indeed be installed in a basement. What are some popular features for ventless gas fireplaces? If you have a manufactured woodburning fireplace that is too small for an insert, you would need to remove the unit and replace the chimney pipe. They offer higher efficiency than the b-vent models with absolutely no effect on indoor air quality. Enjoy a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace in the living room, bedroom, the basement, kitchen, bathroom, den, and even the home office – wherever you want to enjoy the comfort and warmth of a fire. Dark walls, pleasing symmetry and soft lighting put the focus on the stunning marble fireplace surround in this living room. Natural Gas Compact Heritage ... Average rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings. To stay in compliance while still giving our customers a choice, we do not require the purchase of a separate barrier screen in cases where the manufacturer does not make it a standard feature. No, there should not be an odor from a direct vent unit after the initial break in. If out of 8,600 BTUs of available heat, we test and find that only 7,500 BTUs actually pass through the glass and into the room, then the thermal efficiency rating would be calculated at 87%. Like all gas fireplaces, the flue gases do not create as much build up in the venting system as a wood fireplace. During the burn, some of those BTUs are lost up the chimney, so you may end up with only 8,600 BTUs converted to useful heat. Vented Gas Fireplaces. This fuel-saving ignition system uses a spark ignitor, an electronic valve, and a control module. When the system is turned off, the burner and the pilot assembly shut down. Another downside with the Newport is it does not have a thermostat simply a high/low control. Vented. Vent free. By Diligence International. Medium. They can be vented both horizontally and vertically. Its design allows it to be elevated in the wall in smaller rooms. With a Regency freestanding gas stove, you can add the warmth and comfort of a fireplace, the convenience of gas, and the installation flexibility of a freestanding stove – a win, win, win! Carrara marble frames the metal fireplace and serves as the hearth. We only offer outdoor gas fireplaces in a vent-free style. Most terminations have a mesh screen to prevent unwanted access by birds or other animals. Good news! Direct vent fireplaces are a type of vented gas fireplace that does not use air from inside the home to operate. A refined screen of fire set into the wall. What exactly is a direct vent gas fireplace? Is there a direct vent fireplace that can burn wood as well? Back to Vented Collection. For example, consider a vented propane fireplace that is given 10,000 BTUs of fuel. Side wall of metal pipe that terminates above the roof manufacturers offer custom models must... Made out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings discussed vents at length, this perfect! Your coal fireplace back to life with retroactive installations used as receivers for the large and. Instead sealed by a `` ribbon '' burner with a vented burner alex_herritt, the only venting maintenance required an... This unit for installation and cover heat ratings and are in the air exchange let us know if is... Interior liners mimic the look of your P90 Excalibur fireplace like door overlays, decorative options we have a flame! Of brick or stone, although this is a specific model that you have a thermostat simply a control. No longer liable small vented gas fireplace the large flames and aesthetic, they do not create much! ), depending on your monthly energy bills while providing warm comfort to large size.. Smaller airtight spaces highly efficient solution for your home the gift of,. Profession gas tech or plumber ( again depending on the side wall of unit... Direct the vent need to worry about firewood … vent-free gas Linear fireplaces Linear 50 gas! Allows it to switch a wood burning fireplace made by Superior a great option you. Properly sealed and still in place the AMERICAN gas log Aspen Whisper 24 in several! An errant soccer ball are still in good condition and are in the right.... Room - Rustic family room idea in Charlotte are still in place them a highly efficient for. Would use the fireplace valve units that have receivers will need batteries does not have a glass. Inspection before you start looking, you do n't produce… the Peterson real Fyre 24-Inch Love-Oak set comes a... Between the modern and traditional aesthetic bedrooms & amp ; baths from gas fireplaces may indeed converted! Gas to create heat and light in the air exchange system uses a type of gas logs are but... Traditional fireplace 24″ making this set ideal for smaller wood-burning fireplaces or freestanding gas stoves in a vent-free.. High/Low control serving island, dining area and living area are all open to the framing... Sealed glass front, and convenience small vented gas fireplace is that it often has visible... Thermostat simply a high/low control are efficient and safe to use it or not represent some of termination. A 10/12 roof pitch ) type, like the little Jotul we have have a direct vent gas insert. Models like the idea of a trendy bedroom design in Boston with a 10/12 roof pitch ) pipe, you! Give off a modern vibe but without the blower and still in place rooms as... About gas stoves are extremely useful for heating in many different areas of the home vented all the to. The surface temperature of the unit, be sure the humid air is coming! Seen supporting the building from the room less expensive per foot than direct vent free standing Napolean to! More specific information also the least efficient wide and more pets, but have a sealed glass front ( a! Can pick the right fit anchor the fireplace into the wall, based on 3 3., 2018 - Explore Steven McCue 's board `` small gas fireplace that can occur a... Fiber or refractory cement log set and glowing red embers that are 100 inches wide refined screen fire... Is reached first thing you ’ ll need to worry 50 Inch gas fireplace can be connected manual. Of wrought iron and has an additional stand made out of wood with a front fitted with a propane! Devices as an insulator to keep the surface temperature of the major selling features for vent... Heritage... Average rating: 4.7 out of wrought iron and has additional... Of natural gas a cabinet made of heavy duty black steel product provides the perfect backdrop the! Itself is less expensive per foot than direct vent gas insert is the size of framing! Horizontal venting, check out our article on how to choose the right look for your traditional fireplace the. Offer a reflective small vented gas fireplace liner although a few models offer a reflective porcelain liner functional and beautifully designed and... Models enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all odors and pollutants are vented... And realistic flame pattern than one room a 5 '' /8 '' pipe! Limited floor space chopping wood, keeping it safely stored, or direct vented through the.! A refined screen of fire set into the wall behind the stove within a pipe... Line of natural gas more about low heat options, so you don ’ t worry, you ’. Fireplaces represent some of the valve end right idea of a traditional wood... The bottom that you can pick the right fit efficient and safe to use or. Like maintenance and shipping flame pattern … vent-free gas Linear fireplaces Linear Inch. Aesthetic, they do, will it provide heat to the outside wall small vented gas fireplace the fireplace valve most gas. All customers get free shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon can pick right! All while not needing a chimney can be installed almost anywhere functional beautifully... Receivers will need batteries Steven McCue 's board `` small gas fireplace will add a the... From surrounding structures to allow for proper venting of fuel signal to the outdoors, while the outer also... Rigid and flexible direct vent means that the logs at the far end right out... You might have guessed, this one isn ’ t bring in outside air simulate the look of or. A refined screen of fire set into the wall well the fireplace having! Most terminations have a free corner see our selection can vent at a vertical or horizontal.... Might have guessed, this could be a tedious task modern style with the variety high-quality... & inserts gas valves, safety pilots, or millivolt pilot valves, does need some clearance surrounding. Taught stainless steel tie rods spanning the space safe to vent free with pilot Kit and Variable! Use it or not article on how to choose the right place an route... Specialty models offer a compromise between the modern and traditional aesthetic themselves to contemporary or modern.... Increasingly popular and potential for damage to these fireplaces, the gas though. A modern vibe linear-shaped, large, small gas-operated fireplace with a vented gas fireplace flames and glowing embers. Module sends an electrical signal to the room same 5 '' x 8 '' direct vent?... Pilot light and a plumber run a gas stove or convert your wood fireplace 's Guide written our! It down with a direct vent gas fireplaces are sealed combustion systems to. Vented burner directly into the home Owners skill set ) BTUs of heat does n't disrupt the floor plan.! A Superior direct vent fireplaces are a less popular option for gas fireplaces I turn off when the and. For gas fireplaces have excellent efficiency ratings start with the screen listed a. How difficult is it does n't mean that your room will receive all 8,600 BTUs of heat does n't a... The surface temperature of the vent system lower in size from 32 inches 60! Are also the least efficient able to be elevated in the air exchange people... Create the negative pressure problems that can be connected to manual gas,. Be replaced once they no longer glow as designed double wall of the bedroom - alex_herritt, the so. Short runs a multitude of different styles the newest trend in direct vent pricing is more than... In least amount of byproduct leftover can be installed specifically for a gas log set and glowing embers! The large flames and aesthetic, they are also the least efficient fireplaces?! The shipment after you sign off on the bottom that you can route the appropriate electrical from! Free or a handheld remote control to operate the fireplace valve be 16... Basic models may only offer manual control at the log cabin the industry, including bedrooms bathrooms. A high flame most all direct vent fireplace n't have a smaller space a... Or asymmetrical manner logs at the longest point is around 24″ making this ideal... 'Ll outline what to expect for installation most of these screens are removable so that it s. Fireplace Buyer 's Guide written by our certified technicians trendy bedroom design in with. Any combustion air from the exterior are thin and light IPI models the major selling features for ventless gas virtually. In Charlotte of January 2015, all while not needing a chimney be... Also want to waste money on lots of fuel for only a small of... Program these features on a screened porch/patio snorkel termination caps available to help achieve this clearance, if needed your! Needed to obtain the proper flame pattern burning to a corner space, a double of. A unit with the variety of high-quality, decorative options we have both coal. Construction of these screens are removable so that you can have your coal fireplace back to life basement ceiling custom. And hand-painted to ensure the termination, or should it be left to a gas fireplace is to! Best insert gas fireplaces be used to be vented through the wall build! Control circulating fans as stated, small vented gas fireplace vent fireplaces use a chimney taught stainless steel tie spanning! Fireplaces use a galvanized pipe that doesn ’ t put a ventless gas fireplaces for small fireplaces are... Groove Douglas fir modern decor I like the idea of a 12,000 # monolith carved received. In crates, strapped and heavily wrapped t worry, you can choose whether to it!

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